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Get Your Connecticut
Child Care License

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Benefits of Your License

A child care license provides added support and structure for your home business, such as:

Resources that support you in providing child care in your home.

Access to early childhood professionals who provide guidance and support.

Support with health and safety standards to keep children safe in your care.

Ability to advertise services and show that you uphold health and safety standards.

How to Start Your Home Child Care Program

Child care is an important part of every community. If you are 20 years or older, love working with children, and feel you are good with children, then opening a home based, family daycare may be the business for you. You can make a difference for families and children every day, working right from your own home! Below are some key steps to get your business off the ground.


The first step in starting your home daycare is to apply for your license. You can download the application, or call 800-282-6063 to have it mailed. There are several steps to the application process, including background checks for all those in the home, as well as medical exams. For a full list of application steps, download the application packet.


After your application is processed, you will receive guidance from the OEC to help ensure your home is in compliance with all health and safety requirements. For more information on home inspections, call 800-282-6063.


Develop your business concept, insurance needs, and business type. Take the time to consider how your business will operate. How much will you charge? Will you close for all holidays? What will your expenses be? What types of activities do you want to offer? Look at insurance requirements for running a business from your home, and consider your budget as well as the structure of your business. Dial 211 for insurance information.


Once you have your business figured out, and your license is issued, it’s time to promote your new business! List your child care program with and spread the word with neighbors, friends, and on social media. In no time, your home will be filled with little ones ready to learn and play!